Design and implementation of interiors


The Industrial style is for sharp people. By transforming old, abandoned property for new uses, you create an explosive mixture of genius loci and unrepeatable energy which, in combination with modern elements, can quite simply create an architectural gem. The rawness and roughness of the original construction will contrast sharply with everything new and modern. Concrete, brick walls, steel and professed details will breathe the atmosphere of the art gallery into such a space, in which iconic pieces of industrial design and avant-garde art will resonate most effectively.


Minimalism is a temple of strict elegance. Carefully thought-out architectural composition, generous spaces and the quality of materials will immediately transport you to a world you either love or hate. Such is minimalism. There is no room for compromise here. Perhaps that's why the best minimalist interiors are black and white. Everything is built-in, functional and unobtrusive. Space, lines and light are the main players throughout.


The Scandinavian style is about comfort as the first priority. Northerners know that the interior only works if you feel good in it. This means all members of your household. Simple elegance, neutral colour palettes, natural materials and a perfect range of home accessories score points across continents. The Scandinavian interior is the best setting for the family lifestyle. Herein lies the message of Scandinavian.


The Rustic style is a return to the roots. Traditional designs and solutions that have worked successfully for generations. They lead us in a straight line, like oak stairs to the attic or stone stairs to the cellar. It's a perfect escape from the city. The atmosphere of crackling wood in old tiled stoves combined with the gentle nostalgia of times past. Here is the perfect symbiosis of landscape with home; a world of life through the four seasons; a safe haven for all weathers.

Wabi Sabi

Wabi sabi is the art of touching beauty. Space filled with mystical calm and silent emotion. A secret refuge for all angry souls and a poetic garden of the present moment; nothing artificial. Manifestation of the inner beauty of ordinary things; truth and dreams stored deep within us. Here, the transience and imperfection of the world works for you. It transforms into pure beauty and it gradually changes you. But that's another story.


Stylepoint is your guide to the style maze. We are a small independent studio dealing with the design and implementation of modern interiors. We specialise in residential and commercial premises. We work with clients via interactive workshops in a 3D model. Subsequently, we prepare the technical documentation for the project. We budget for everything continuously and carefully. We ensure implementation via outsourcing of specialised partner companies overseen by authorial supervision.